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Why Gry?

Gry loves to share her observations from her 30+ years as an “IT Girl” aka Woman in Tech.

When it came to choosing a career, Gry only had a couple of criteria…

Firstly, she wanted to help people solve problems and create a better world. Secondly, she wanted to prove that girls were as capable as boys. Given her proficiency in maths and science, information technology (IT) was a very real option, and when she realised that IT was likely to be a key component and foundation for solving pervasive problems across industries globally, the choice was easy. She started her career with a BSc(Hon) of Computation in Manchester, England in the late eighties.

Through her career, Gry has had the opportunity to design and deliver solutions across many industries, creating the right mix of people, systems, processes and culture. She has been fortunate to work across all continents and is as at home in early stage startups as she is in global conglomerates.

Often the only woman in the room, she has a unique perspective on IT, the people in IT, and what we need to do to create diverse and inclusive cultures where people feel they belong. She is driven to ensure that we create meaningful technology and are ethical in our considerations.

Gry loves the expression “same same but different”, and lives to engage, empower and inspire people to find their place in a digital world.

"Let's celebrate differences and build a more connected world underpinned by meaningful technology"


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With her topics firmly founded on evidence and facts, Gry takes you on an engaging journey by peppering the content with some of her own adventures, observations and experiences.


As part of her research into why only a negligible percentage of 15 year old girls and 4% of 15 year old boys in Australia are interested in IT-related careers, Gry stumbled across the important of identity, belonging and intersectionality as core components of diversity and inclusion.

In this talk, Gry explores the importance of belonging in the workplace and what you can do to ensure we tap into the collective sense of belonging to build cultures where everyone thrives.

The talk also covers the importance of identifying the desired outcomes and measuring progress through a standardised mechanism to ensure awareness, acknowledgement and action.



Through over 30 years as a leader in technology organisations with a focus on customer experience, product management and digital transformation, Gry has developed a knack for getting hte right mix of people. process, systems and culture.

Building team culture on a foundation of design thinking, Gry invites all voices to participate and contribute, eliciting early buy in and engagement.

 In this talk, Gry walks you through the importance of bringing all stakeholders on a journey of transformation and inspiring them to show up, step up and give back to ensure that the organisation is streamlined for innovation.


Gry was born near the Arctic Circle in Norway into a large, boisterous family where no topic was off limits for discussion. Everyone was encouraged to be their unique selves & celebrate differences. During her teens she lived in Africa where she was the only white kid at high school. She went on to study Computation in the UK in the 80s as one of a few women and moved to Australia in the 90s. She has worked in culturally, geographically and linguistically diverse teams globally. Being a bit different was never a major issue for Gry.

Acutely aware of her privilege she has always been an advocate for creating diverse and inclusive cultures, speaking up against discrimination and bias.

In this talk, Gry shares her findings around intersectionality theory – the recognition that we all experience discrimination and oppression differently – in the workplace and in life, providing a practical guide to celebrating differences and thriving. 


Having lived and worked across all continents except Antarctica, Gry has lived experience of a number of different cultures and is adamant that we need to learn from all starting with ancient cultures, through to today and beyond.

She works with groups from different cultural backgrounds to bring cultural awareness, connection to country, listening and storytelling into learning environments where we prepare people with skills of the future.

In this talk, Gry shares her experience across the continents and how that has informed some of her recent educational programs for people of all shapes, cultures, genders, abilities and vintages.



Gry is happy to contribute to just about any conversations relating to her industry, women in IT, diversity, inclusion & belonging, and enabling, empowering & inspiring underrepresented people to find their voice and stand their ground, here are some more topics that excite her:


  • Culture as a catalyst in building building technological solutions and capability
  • The future of work & jobs of the future
  • Bridging the gap and building a new talent pipeline
  • Attracting, retaining and developing talent for tech roles and organisations
  • Shaking up our education system | Differentiated, integrated learning
  • Women in tech & entrepreneurship
  • Streamlining your organisation for innovation | Getting the right mix | Digital transformation
  • Engaging, empowering and inspiring people to discover their superpower in tech
  • Customer centred, meaningful technology
  • Design thinking and learner-lead approaches to knowledge acquisition
  • Tech and innovation for social change, impact and positive outcomes
  • Injecting arts and humanities into STEM to create the STEAM we need to power our future
  • Same same but different. Let’s celebrate differences. Intersectionality.

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Speaking highlights


Gry delivers keynotes, participates in panel discussions and runs interactive worshops in a variety of forums. The engagements can be private or public, on the job or volunteering, local or global. Highlights include:


  • WiTWA Tech [+] Conference: Host for “Same same and different” panel discussion on intersectionality (2021)
  • TEDxUWA: Powering our future with AI and STEAM  (2018)
  • Future Learning Magazine by STEMpunks: Interview in STEMINISM Issue for #IWD2021 (2021)
  • WiTWA Techtrails: Inspiring STEM Stories (2021)
  • Ingenica Australia: International Women’s Day Talk #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge (2021)
  • IT Takes a Spark EduConference: Around YOUR World in Eighty Minutes (2020)
  • WiTWA [+] Conference: In conversation with  Julian Guthrie, Paul Dunn, Masami Sato and Lan Tran (2020)
  • WiTWA Techtrails: Guest speaker at STEM and Future of Work Incursions  (2016-2020)
  • Women in Tech Podcast by Signify Technology UK: My journey and life in Tech (2020)
  • Stories from the Heart: Heroes and Legends (2019)
  • Emerging Young Leaders Unconvention: What’s possible for the community sector? (DX) (2019)
  • Various universities: Guest speaker on innovation and entrepreneurship underpinned by technology (2016-2020)
  • BDO Perth: International Women’s Day Talk #IWD2018 #PressoForProgress (2018)
  • Women in Tech WA (WiTWA):  Jobs of the Future panel discussion  (2017)
  • ACSW Ignite Talks: The Biggest Dream (2016)
  • Women in Mining WA (WiMWA): My Life as an Alien (2012)