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A global, online collective of IT-curious & IT-savvy women who work together and innovate to create meaningful and ethical technology for good in a more connected world.



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IT Girls Rock brings together courageous and inspiring women from all walks of life, vintages, experiences, preferences and identities who are IT-curious or IT-savvy, work in or with tech teams, want to level up their tech clout, and believe that women need to step up and play a central part in IT to shape our future ensuring ethical and meaningful application of technology.

We build capacity and confidence, foster creativity and meaningful connections, discover our superpowers and empower each other to live our best lives with purpose and confidence through targeted workshops, courses, conversations and collaborations in a psychologically safe and inclusive environment.

Our big purpose is to bridge gaps and create a more connected world where we celebrate differences and everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired – fostering innovation and technology for good.

Let's creater a more connected world where we celebrate differences and the creators of technology represent the communities we solve problems for




Join IT Girls RockBook Exploratory Meeting


We welcome all women who are interested in building technology for good and want to be part of an inclusive community where we build individual and group capacity through courses, coaching, connections and collaborations. 


A lot of tech founders and business owners do not necessarily have an IT or technology background. This is a space to connect with others in similar situations and explore shared lived experiences to see how.

This is for women with businesses that create or use technology to deliver their offering who want to develop their tech clout.



Sometimes IT can feel a bit daunting, whether you are a student or a “wise woman” in IT. We strive to create an inclusive and safe environment where we can learn together, build skills, confidence, shared language, cooperative relationships and entrepreneurial mindsets.’

Working in IT

IT-savvy and IT-curious women already working in or with IT teams that create and innovate IT .

Whatever your role is, you are part of or working with teams that create and innovate technology and want a safe place to discuss approaches to work with your colleagues and make sure you contribute to the ethical and meaningful application of IT.

Leading IT

Step into IT leadership with the support of the women on the same pathway now or in the past.

You may already be in an IT leadership or want to step into one, and you are realising that the world as you know it changes… not always for the better. Women are held to a higher standard than men, and sometimes you just need a sounding board or a chat with someone who is on the same path or has been in the past. 

Teaching IT (and STEAM)

Teachers are often asked to step up and teach subjects that they have limited exposure to through education and continual professional development. You are experts in education and pedagogy and understand what the students need to thrive, but sometimes it can be challenging to figure out how to make IT and other STEAM education engaging and interactive.

This is a space where you can tap into the collective knowledge of the community about all things IT, explore and find sounding boards for what works and what can be improved.

Get ready for IT!

This is for people who are new to IT / tech / apps / digital creation, but have an idea or a problem that you think can be solved with technology.

In today’s digital world, many of us have ideas for apps, technology, business, but how do you go about taking your idea out of your head, validate your assumptions and set the foundation for the next stage.

The focus of this group is on tools and frameworks that will help you evolve your ideas into something that is meaningful for creating a sustainable solution. 

Stepping into IT

IT-curious women stepping into IT from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Not all of us had the opportunity to learn about IT from the beginning, so this is for IT-curious women who are keen to learn more and understand what the next steps are. 

This is where people you can hang out with other people who are finding their feet in IT and learn from each other while you do.

IT Aunties kitchen (By Invite Only)

What’s Cookin’? Private space for our amazing coaches, mentors and thought leaders showing the way.

This is where the seasoned or wise women hang out and concoct new recipes and dishes that will be delivered to the members of IT Girls Rock.

You might have an idea from the outside world or one of our members come up with something. Once we have had a good yarn about it, we might put it out as a course, a workshop, a challenge or a collaboration opportunity to our members and see how we can have a ripple effect way bigger than us.