You can do IT! Get over your fear of IT and set up for success.

Affordable, tailored 6-week group mentoring & coaching programs to help you set up your IT and build skills, confidence, shared language, collaborative relationships and entrepreneurial mindsets.
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You CAN do IT!

What is IT?

I use IT (Information Technology / I.T.) as an umbrella term for any technology you use in our lives, whether that be your banking (and other) apps on your smartphone, your health records, your “smart” TV, your wearable devices, the computer that controls your car (my engine control unity just died resulting in me having to say goodbye to my trusted friend), your book keeping system, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, Apple, Amazon, you web browser, your camera, your filing system on your laptop (or maybe you still have an old PC), your cloud storage, AI, robots, chatbots and  other bots, and everything in between and beyond.

I also love the way I can playfully use IT instead of it, and explore the the terms IT Girls, IT Boys and IT Folk . For a bit of a blurb on my why, please check out my blog post on IT Girls and our stories.

Why YOU can do IT!?

Sometimes IT can be a stumbling block for getting on with your work, business, education, health and life in general.

Especially if you did not grow up with technology at your fingertips and underpinning everything you do. Are you at a stage when you want to do something different? Maybe you want to finally set up your own business, write that book, or maybe you just want to get more organised? 

You know you can do it, but where do you start? IT (technology) is coming at us from all sides at the speed of light, so how do you know what is the best for what you need now? And what about all the whiz kids who keep name dropping all the latest and greatest? Who do you ask now that you have stepped away from the corporate world with your favourite IT Guy or Gal? You know you can pull in a few favours, but it doesn’t feel quite right…

What IS You can do IT!?

A six week group mentoring and coaching program where we work collaboratively to create a tailored experience and make sure that we go through content that is relevant to you. Together we will set up your workspace and IT environment in a way that works for you.

By developing your skills and setting up your environment in a mentoring circle, we boost your confidence, progress your IT vocabulary, create lasting, collaborative relationships (and friendships), and nurture your entrepreneurial mindsets.

Why me?

Having worked in IT for over thirty years, I’ve picked up a few nifty little tricks. I am here to show you how YOU can do IT! and that you know enough about IT to achieve whatever  you set out to do.  You can read more about my approach to coaching here.

Who is You can do IT! for?

When might You can do IT!  help you?

  • IT is getting in your way and not helping
  • You want to understand the basics of IT
  • You struggle to get over your fear of IT
  • You have some sort of idea about IT, but feel overwhelmed
  • You feel you don’t know enough about IT
  • You think you have to master ALL of IT
  • Your files and systems are all over the place
  • You just need to understand how things hang together
  • You feel you can’t work effectively and focus
  • You have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into business.
  • You don’t have the confidence to take the leap into IT
  • You find it difficult to communicate with IT people
  • You feel like you are not being heard or seen
  • You want to step into IT from a different industry/profession
  • You have questions about IT, but you don’t know WHAT to ask
  • You have questions about IT, but you don’t know WHO to ask
  • You have questions about IT, but you don’t know HOW to ask
  • You want someone to help you work out your IT

You know you need IT, but…

In summary, the program is suitable for anyone who knows that they need technology, but feel fearful, don’t know where to start, or are just curious about how they can make it work for them. I tailor it to YOUR needs.

The 2020 COVID pandemic has forced many of us to get online and learn on the fly. Maybe this has caused anxiety and fear for you. Or maybe it has opened new doors and revealed opportunities for new ways of working that you might never have considered.

Maybe you finally decided to start your passion project and spread your wisdom, but don’t know how to harness IT and get IT to work for you.

Fear not. We are in this together. I assemble groups of people with similar needs and challenges, and we co-design a program that works for all participants.


HOW You can do IT! works

The overall objective of these six week programs is to help you get on top of IT and set up your workspace and IT  environment that you need to excel at your job, grow your business or organise your life in general.  

Program Structure

Every week, we will have a content session and a group mentoring session.

The content sessions will consist of a short presentation, then bite-size chunks of practical tips on how to do things, followed by hands on activities so you can try out things.

The group mentoring sessions are all about getting stuck into your own environments and addressing challenges so that you build both skills and confidence. You will be doing this in small groups an reporting back to the group about what you have learnt.

You will also be invited to become part of a community with other participants where you can continue your learning journey together.

Based on my 5Ds framework, we will deliberate and reflect at the end of each session and week to make sure that we are going through what is important to you and the group. If we realise that something needs to be adjusted for a better learning experience, we will.

Before we start IT

You will be invited to participate in a free information session before we kick off. The purpose of this is to field any questions you may have and inform the structure and content of the six week program. 

You will also be asked to fill in a more detailed questionnaire to help me tailor the content for the group.

Week 1 – Kick off and the basics of IT

Content session on “The Basics of IT” to give you an overview of how IT hangs together and what you may need to consider for your personal journey.

We will also go through the proposed content for the remaining five weeks to ensure that we have included the top priorities for the group members.

Weeks 2-5: The grunt of IT

This is where you will have an opportunity to get stuck into the specific IT challenges you have and work with me and your group to get your own IT environment, whether that is for work, business or life in general.

Week 6: Getting on top of IT

We round off by going through what you have learnt over the past few weeks and demonstrate your new skills and confidence through targeted activities based on your specific needs.

Your can do IT next steps

At the end of the program, you should have a working, basic environment for your needs as well as a few new skills, confidence, vocabulary, relationships, and You rcan do IT! mindsets.

For some of you, this will be enough, and you may be happy to remain a community member. Others may have caught some of the IT bug and want to continue your journey, either by joining an intermediate or advanced group, or exploring some of my other coaching options.

Some of IT that you may want to learn about

We all encounter different challenges with IT, and the six program will be assembled with the participants in your specific group. Below are some of the most common IT challenges that people have to help you start thinking about what YOU want to learn to use.


What is IT really?

The basics of IT and how it works, e.g.  cloud, cyber, security, privacy

Social media

Why do I need it? How do I make it work for me?


Why/when do I need one? How do I get one? What does it cost?

Setting up working spaces

How do I get all my equipment and systems to work for me?

Making videos & posting

How to set up for recording. When and what to post. Lighting.

Managing my connections

What is a CRM? Do I need one? How do I send mails to many ?

Productivity tools

Managing your documents, emails, calendars, presentations.

Online presence & brand

Where should I be present and how do I post and stay active?

Microsoft / Apple / Google

What is best for me and what happens when I have a mix?


Online collaboration

Getting the most out of online collaboration tools like Zoom.

Videos and images

Tools and tips for working with videos and images

Virtual / real teams

How do I work effectively with others? How do I find a VA?

Other Coaching and Mentoring Options

If you are already on top of your IT, you may want to check out my other coaching and mentoring programs 

I also give hands-on workshops & talks

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, someone to run aworkshop, a panelist or facilitator to host “hard” conversations, check out my faviourite topics and highlights.