A bit more about the IT industry and the future of work.

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A bit more about the IT industry and the future of work

I use IT (Information Technology / I.T.) (IT) as an umbrella term for all roles and organisations that use or create technology. For a bit of a blurb on why, please check out my blog post on IT Girls and our stories.

IT is the fastest growing industry globally as it underpins solutions for all other industries. With only 4% of Australian 15 year old males and a negligible percentage of girls reporting that they are interested in careers in IT, we will struggle to meet the demand for talented professionals long term and need to think outside the box to  develop, attract and retain talent. Despite increased focus on gender balance, there are less than 20% women in IT roles, with women leaving their IT careers at twice the rate of men. The first stop is to create cultures where EVERYONE feels welcome, valued and inspired.

Diversity is critical in IT organisations to adequately represent the diverse and complex needs of all users and gender balance is an important aspect of diversity and often inspires diversity, inclusion and belonging in a broader sense. Research has shown that organisations that embrace gender balance demonstrate uplift in diversity, employee engagement and business performance. The quality and richness of ideas that we can generate with a diverse team are endless and inclusive cultures where people feel they belong are the essence of diversity.

On an individual level, many of us struggle to navigate the system, ensure we are inclusive and politically correct, and remain authentic. This happens whether you are an IT professional, in IT leadership, trying to move into (or come back to) IT, or you run a business that is underpinned by technology or develops technology solutions. This struggle might happen whether you are man, woman or non-binary, from different cultures or backgrounds, live with a disability or learning challenge, or are just trying to fit in.

Sometimes a sounding board is invaluable, whether that is for working out your business strategy, dealing with your boss, figuring out your next career step, or understanding how you can contribute to the solution and help create a diverse and inclusive organisation. Especially if you can find a coach and mentor who has worked in tech for over 30 years, spanning  conceptual-stage startups though to global conglomerates. Someone has often been the “only woman in the business”, someone from a culturally and linguistically different background, someone who has felt the intrinsic bias on her own body, but has developed thick skin and broad shoulders, and thrives when she can bring others with her on the journey towards inclusion and belonging.


My coaching blends robust, contemporary business coaching in IT with a lifetime of mentoring and guiding people on their journey.

Do you need tech business coaching?

Why I coach and mentor

Based on my own lived experience as an IT Girl (woman in tech), for over 30 years, I am acutely aware that there often is a disconnect between people and technology, as well as between the different players. I also know that the  lack of diversity is not about fixing people but rather shifting mindsets and changing behaviours.

To address this, I have developed a coaching approach that is inclusive of every voice and perspective. I provide a unique blend of my experience from running tech teams and businesses, with years of personal mentoring to provide a tailored, personalised experience for every client.

As someone who has often been the “only woman in the room”, is from a culturally and linguistically different background, has felt the intrinsic bias very personally, I have developed thick skin and broad shoulders. I thrive when I can bring others with her on the journey towards inclusion and belonging.


When can coaching and mentoring be useful?

  • You have an amazing idea that you’d like to turn into a tech business.
  • You have developed an awesome product. Now what?
  • You want to find other uses for your technology.
  • You want to position yourself as a thought leader in tech.
  • You struggle to navigate the system and find your purpose.
  • Your boss does not value you.
  • You don’t have the confidence to take the leap into tech.
  • You find it difficult to communicate with IT people.
  • You’re in IT and find it hard to communicate with non-IT people.
  • You feel like you are not being heard or seen.
  • You want to step into tech from non-tech or a different industry.
  • You want to help co-create an inclusive organisation.
  • Want to pivot your business to a new or additional audience?
  • You stepped into a new role and thought “what happened?”
  • You lack confidence to take the next step in your career.
  • You have questions, but you don’t know if you can ask them.
  • You want someone to help you work out YOUR superpower.

What I Can Help You With

All of the below can be applied at a personal, professional, leadership, product or business level.




Product Marketing


Customer Research

Team Augmentation


Geek Whispering

I also give hands-on workshops & talks

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, someone to run aworkshop, a panelist or someone to facilitate or host conversations, check out my faviourite topics and highlights.