My Story

THERE WAS JUST ONE BRIDGE within the patchwork of islands of my birthplace, some 100 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. Transport was primarily by boat.

As young teachers, my parents, seized the opportunity to experience some of the lesser known areas of Norway. We relocated to Vardø – a tiny, far-flung island in the north-east of Norway – before my first birthday. We then spent a couple of years by the fjords of Western Norway, before we moved to a homestead south of Oslo, where I expected to see the rest of my childhood unfold. But before the last coats of paint dried on the walls of our new home, it was announced that it was time to pack all we owned into suitcases once more.


was full of incredible experiences. Indeed, it changed the course of my life.


There’s a special kind of resilience that comes from living in seven places and attending three schools before finishing year one. Africa taught me about adaptability and saw me develop a cultural awareness beyond my years. It’s where my compassion for those less advantaged was nurtured. It’s where I recognised the power of diversity, dynamic communication, and the importance of collaboration. It’s to where my passion for technological innovations that transform businesses – and indeed our social fabric – can be traced.


It’s those who believe that diverse and inclusive collaboration is the future.

I’m Gry Stene.

I am a bridge and I am here to inspire people to build a more connected world.

From conceptual-phase start-ups to global conglomerates, I help businesses and individuals decipher tech jargon lead them through digital transformation, avoiding blown out budgets, timeframes, and products that fail to deliver. I’ve walked the divide between every aspect of software development: developer, tester, business analyst, implementation consultant, project manager, development manager and product management.  I’ve built technology that has closed the gap between patients and resources; created end-to-end solutions to transform systems and changed modus operandi for global logistics companies; witnessed the impact of digital healthcare products on remote and rural areas.

When all stakeholders speak the same language, the result isn’t just beautiful websites, intuitive apps, improved productivity, increased sales and stellar user experiences. It’s sustainable business with remarkable social and environmental impact. With this, comes the transformation of the traditional STEM landscape… Diversity and inclusion-focused organisations are creating opportunities for women and those previously overlooked in the traditional tech space. The Arts and Humanities are being reinstated as a missing link to arrive at STEAM.  And together, we’re delivering technological solutions that will change the world.


There’s the constant chatter of life-changing technology and translation between business and geek speak. Out here – where I stand with my feet firmly planted, where the wind picks up and the sway is exhilarating – is where I feel most alive. And it’s from this vantage point that I see nothing, but a limitless chasm of opportunity stretched out before me.